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Welcome! This site formerly served as a personal site for Scott Petersen (Composer, etc, etc) a blog for his ideas, and a hub for NHV groups such as El MuCo. Sadly, this site has been and remains defunct. Comments will not be moderated through or responded to. Scott’s new site (complete with rarely updated blog) is here: https://www.scottericpetersen.com. The blog (which preserves the content on this site) is here: https://www.scottericpetersen.com/blog/.

Welcome! This site serves as both the personal site for composer/musician Scott Petersen and for groups and events with which he is associated. Here you can find the music, video, code, and ideas of Scott Petersen (aka scacinto,) as well as information about El MuCo and the FridayNightThing. You can also find pages of bios and music for the members of these groups. Please poke around, listen to music, snoop through some pages and comment as you see fit.


November 13 2012

I just finished a submission for the SCTweet-a-thon, this time being held at WOCMAT. I wrote a quick post here that has the code, a recording, and an explanation of how the tweet works.


November 08 2012

Musical instruments of Brian Kane and Scott Petersen (El MuCo) are part of a three-month long exhibition at ArtSpace. Get information, see some pictures of the installation,and listen to audio samples at this link.


September 16 2012

Here is a post with recordings of my latest pieces. Evolution 1a, 1b, and 1c are a set of improvisations for violin. I recorded the three pieces in my recently-finished recording booth. Please have a listen.


July 31 2012

Need free/cheap testing speakers for your circuits? Look no further! Here I describe how to make ’em with stuff you probably have laying around, but if you don’t, you can find in the dumpster behind your apartment building. Enjoy!


July 09 2012

I wrote up a little post here about my sound absorption/insulation project. This is the first of a series of treatments I am creating to insulate/treat the walk-in closet in my new studio. When finished, the room should be a good recording booth fit for vocals, acoustic guitar, and other small recording applications. I will write up a full post here when the project is completed.


June 21 2012

My latest post contains my first impressions of the Raspberry Pi. This adorable little computer is $35 and about the size of a business card. It took 4 months from order to arrival, but the time hasn’t diminished my excitement. I haven’t done any work with it yet, and have to work out some issues, but I think this guy is definitely worth the $ if you want to experiment with small, portable, installation-type computer art/music. Check it out and let me know what you think.


June 8 2012

I put up a quickguide (is that a word?) on how to install SuperCollider on AV Linux. I recently gave up on trying to get low-latency audio running on #! Linux, which I like a lot. Maybe someday…

Anyway, if you are looking for a good audio/multimedia linux distro, AV Linux may be for you. Check it out and let me know what you think.



April 2 2012

Hi all – sorry to be so long absent. I’ve been busy planting latent drones all over the world that will, when powered up, assist me in world domination. So this blog has suffered a little :P
I have updated the DSO Nano post with updated links to firmware and the installation tools, and I have updated the instructions to be more precise and hopefully more clear.
I will be adding a few more posts in the coming weeks with current projects and some more tutorials. Cheers!



October 31 2011

Sparkfun STA540 Amplifier Kit (and power supply solution.)

One last post before October is over and Fall changes to winter! (Oh, there was a storm this past weekend?) Well, before you hibernate, check out this post on Sparkfun’s STA540 amplifier kit. We uncover the cause of some unpleasant side-effects and disclose the fix!



October 23

El MuCo Ibeam Laser Show: May 28 2011 (yes, you missed it!)

I finally put up the recording from last May’s MuCo show at the Ibeam in Brooklyn. Enjoy!


October 4 2011

Love Local Design Promo Video in AE

I did a little piano work for a test promo video for Heather Strycharz. Check it out!


October 2 2011

New Post: Electronic Music from “How Things Work”

I found a great set of books in a local book shop called “How Things Work.” This post contains the “Electronic Music” section in pdf and jpg formats. Rock!


September 26

New Post: XBee Information and Resources

I’ve been experimenting with the XBee module (series 2) and wireless communications with Kane as part of our ongoing MuCo research. This post contains some information designed to save you a little time as you delve into the dark world of Zigbees, XBees, and broken knees. (I made that last one up.) Enjoy!



July 19 2011

Updated Ubuntu on Linux Post

Because the SuperCollider package contents changed, I updated the tutorial on getting SC3 with SwingOSC working on Ubuntu flavors of Linux. I tested the changes on a fresh Linux Mint installation and had no problems: SC3, Swing, and help all worked out of the box, and I didn’t have to change the Jack config nor did I have to install Java-6 as it comes with Mint apparently. Check it out here and give it a go!


May 27 2011

MuCo Plays IBEAM, Brooklyn NY, May 28 8:30pm


Brian and I will be playing IBEAM tomorrow with Rich Johnson and his trio, Matt Sargent, Bill Solomon, and more. Check out the above link for directions/more infoz. We hope to see you all there!


May 3 2011

FridayNightThing IV: April 29, 2011

Here is a great video shot and edited by Heather documenting Fritz’s FNT presentation last week. It is part of on ongoing documentary process, the full fruits of which can be seen here.


April 25 2011

I have been very busy, so my utmost apologies for being lax with fresh content! Please accept this post as a start towards the right path! There are pics and video of this neat little digital oscilloscope for your multimedia needs, and some advice for downloading and upgrading the firmware should you either a) have one already and are a bit stumped, or b) rush out and get one because of the post ;)


March 30 2011

Here’s the post with the recording from the Subtropics festival! Enjoy!



March 27 2011

Here is a quick post with the recordings from FNT III along with some pictures courtesy of Heather and myself. Cheers to all who came and made 8-bit masterworks!



March 23 2011

I have two posts I am working on at the moment, both with audio and video from two recent shows, the Uncertainty Music Series and the Subtropics festival. Before I post those, however, I want to get to some business immediately at hand: the FridayNightThing III this Friday March 25th at 8pm.

Check out this post to get yourself psyched up for the 8-bit musical awesome that will ensue.


March 11 2011

In anticipation of our upcoming performances March 12th and March 20th, we (MuCo) improvised a set tonight using our new patented MuCo Flouper® and recorded the sonic joy that resulted. Here, for your enjoyment, is the 35 minutes that occurred AS it occurred, recorded in Hi-Def audio and reproduced for you in stunning stereo!



March 7 2011

Here are a couple links for sets we are playing in the next two weeks:

El MuCo will be playing the Uncertainty Music series this Saturday (March 12) at 8pm with violinist Erica Dicker. Check the link for directions and more information.

We will be playing the Subtropics electronic music festival on the 20th. Here’s a link to the page describing our upcoming set in Miami. If you are lucky enough to be in or around Miami then, definitely consider checking out the show. There are concerts there all month with a lot of great music.

March 20, 2011 at 7PM at the Dorsch Gallery at 151 Northwest 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127-4413



March 5 2011

As promised, here are the pics and video from FNT II last Friday. Thanks again to all who attended and made it such a great time. Cheers!



March 3

FridayNightThing 2 is now behind us, but not without leaving evidence! In the next couple of days I will post audio, video, and some pictures (courtesy of the indefatigable Heather!) I also have lots of other stuff too, an older post on the now-complete matrix mixer as well as some other miscellaneous awesomeness. Stay tuned folks!



February 20 2011

Another FridayNightThing, the 2nd of the year, kicks off this Friday at 8:00pm. I think the description in the poster says it all.

Also, the Hartford New Music Festival kicked off last Friday with a great show of new music with many composers in attendance. There are two more concerts in the coming two months. Please check out the festival site for information on the two upcoming shows.



I have posted a tutorial here on building/installing SuperCollider on Ubuntu Linux. The details are many, the excitement – palpable! Build your own SuperCollider today, and tell your friends!



January 30 2011

Check out our new list of AWESOME OPEN-SOURCE / FREE MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE! This list contains some of our favorite sound and video programs, and some that we’ve recently encountered and are really excited about.

FridayNightThing 2011 kicked off with a w00+ last night. Thanks to everyone who came, played with some electronics, projected video, played some patches, sang, played, and drank beers. The next FNT is planned for the last Friday of February, which is the 25th. We will plan on having a number of pieces played, a few improv sets, and some visual awesome by Heather and hopefully Jesse! (yes, I’m looking at you Spielman!) If you have a new piece, some code, or something visual you would like to present, please let me know ASAP as it’s first-come first-served!

Thanks again all!

FridayNightThing returns January 28th at 8pm.  The inaugural session of 2011 will be held at 667 Whitney Ave, APT 11, New Haven.  If you would like to participate or spectate, please join us!  A description of the session is below.  We will have a digital projector, quad sound system with a 16 channel mixer, a mixed bag of XLRs and TRS cables, a spare macbook pro, and space for about 4-6 performers at a time.  If you require more or different gear or special software, please bring it with you (but let us know too!)

The FridayNightThing is a gathering of interested (usually) musicians, artists, coders, geeks and other riffraff who meet to cabal while coding, improvising, listening, watching, participating or spectating. Musical, visual, and improvisation styles vary and eclecticism is appreciated. It is inclusive and open to all provided all have open minds.


December 17 2010

Download the El MuCo holiday sample pack featuring the sounds of the Kidtunes keyboard!


December 2 2010

More fun with feedback is available! There are 4 recordings of four different basic feedback circuits and the corresponding SuperCollider code.  Check it out!


November 12 2010

I have made some additions to the site over the last two days, both of which I think bring the site closer to getting out of beta ;)  First, I’ve put my dissertation up here.  I’ve used the scribd service to embed the pdf.  If this strains your eyes and you want a copy of the pdf, please let me know!

I have also added video, installation, and “works” pages to the right under “scott petersen.”  Please have a look at some of my older work!  (New projects on the way to the video page as I collaborate with Heather Strycharz, stay tuned!)


November 5 2010

A marxist-o-phone?  What?  Haven’t you been paying attention to the news!  Tea parties are in and Marx-on-bones are out! …  BUT NOT HERE!!!  Check out my marxophone!


October 30 2010

My latest post has a recording of my latest improvisation 1204-10-29 (original, i know) which I did using only a Behringer 1204 mixer as my sound source.  Check it out here. Feedback loops = joy.


September 23 2010

Please have a listen to an abandoned project I rediscovered recently.  Originally intended as a sound installation for 8 speakers in a rectangular space, excerpts are here presented in the apex format of human sound reproduction: stereo.


July 30 2010

Check out some ring modulation action!


July 16

Check out some codez!


June 4 2010

Our latest post is of El MuCo’s newest instrument, The Little Princess! Check it out!


May 27 2010

The latest post here is about Stockhausen’s 1952 piece of musique concrète titled (originally enough) Étude. There’s audio and some great quotes by Stockhausen about the genesis of the work. Enjoy!

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