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FridayNightThing = Success to all Geeks attending

Greetings Electronics geeks! Last Friday Night’s Thing went Fantaspasmodically – thanks to all who attended, esp. those who participated, Jesse, Nick, S-Dog, DJ Saul Goldman, and Matthew Barbour. We didn’t actually make it to any avant-gard films so those might be appended to the next meetings Welk-O-Rama. Here are some pics from the event with apologies to all involved! I cannot post audio to this site, so I’ll link to it later.







a 360! Note Matt hard at work on the couch!


As much as we’d love to sit around and reminisce about last Friday forever, we have another Friday Night Thing coming up soon! Right now, the Welk-O-Rama is set for the 16th. We’ll post a link to the video in a future post (a couple days.) For now, the info is as follows.

November 16th – 2007 9 pm ’till the next day.

More to come soon!


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One Response

  1. Carol Petersen says:

    Lancaster fan club all enthused!
    Photos great — especially 360 (tell people to CLICK on the pic and you get a little bigger one) — BUT WE WANT SOUND – WE WANT SOUND – WE WANT SOUND!!!!!

    Wish we could join you.

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