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Meeting Summary for Jan 24th

Hi all: here follows a brief summary of what went down at today’s get-together. If you don’t feel like reading anything and simply want to know when the next meeting is, it is scheduled for next Saturday, January 31st at 8pm. We’ll code seriously for 3 hours or so, then make with the drinky, and probably then silly sounds.


  • Basic working model of “Server” machine accomplished. OSC messages are sent to the server with a modified name which is comprised of the first initial of your first name followed by your code name, no caps. ( bkane, jkitten, etc.)  This is then broadcast out to the rest of the group with your name and the message.  (kane, kitten, etc. followed by ‘/tr, 0’ or some such.)
  • Basic control of sound via OSC messaging occurred.  Kane controlled the frequency of Dusty’s single sine synth.  like the first step on the moon.  Kitten was very upset because he was working toward this goal simultaneously.  however, Dusty was controlling the server… ;)
  • correct translation and passing of OSC messages between SC3 and Max was accomplished.
  • Most importantly, all of the above was made possible by The Star of Kane <– a mysterious property whereby an unintelligible Int8Array is transformed from useless, error-throwing junk to a working array of data.  Bravo Kane, you are today’s hero!

If I’ve forgot anything, post a correction or addendum.  Good luck to all in your endeavors this week, and we’ll see each other soon, at the lastest hopefully next Saturday.  Cheers!



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