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Recommended for Advanced Listeners Only

Some goodies inspired by (and some taken from) Delton T. Horn’s book titled “The Beginner’s Book of Electronic Music.

While the book is an excellent resource as a “hole”, there are some particularly great passages such as that on musique concrete and the Discography at the end (from whence comes the warning issued in the title of this post.

The hilarity aside, the book has a ton of really great analog circuit designs including parts lists (which need to be updated… future post) for voltage controlled oscillators, filters of many types, amplifiers, and more. The book can be picked up online at the link posted above. The book (published in 1982) also has a bunch of great reviews of then current and older synthesizers, including a modular Moog, the Korg VC-10 vocoder, the Prophet 5 and 10 series sythns, and more.


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