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Maiden Voyage

On Saturday the 18th of July, the first El MuCo instrument was completed and taken for her maiden voyage. Enjoy some pics of the instrument and a sound clip of scacinto introducing her sonorous loveliness to the world (not for the first time, but for the first time as a complete and beautiful lady…)  Also keep your eyes open for our “name the instrument” poll where YOU, the seething and relentless horde of mindless, rabid, zombie-like El MuCo faithful will get to name the new instrument!  EL MUCO!!!!

Maiden Voyage

JankoTunes complete 1

JankoTunes complete 2

Scacinto pondering the JankoTunes in a Kanelike manner

Euphoric Scacinto and the JankoTunes

Apelike Kane places finger on the JankoTunes

Kane and the JankoTunes

JankoTunes, from the other side

JankoTunes, from the other side


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2 Responses

  1. New Era Columnist says:

    May I suggest that your musical device extraordinaire is also a darn fine piece of visual art!

  2. rog says:

    “it’s got a beat, and i can dance to it! i give it a ten!” i dub thee “the WRATHEMATICIAN”.

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