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El MuCo: Birth of The Growler!

Less than two weeks after the completion of  the JankoTunes (real name pending) Kane and Scacinto have finished the second El MuCo instrument!  Witness the birth of THE GROWLER!  In its previous life, The Growler was a PC Picture Phone: a pathetic and annoying toy whose only purpose was to entertain tiny people with underdeveloped brains.  Over a series of hours, Scacinto and Kane worked with surgical precision, paying attention to every aesthetic detail, and transmogrified the PC Picture phone into the glory that is now THE GROWLER!

The Growler is a sick man-machine equipped with one mega-potentiometer, one 100k pot, one 6-position rotary switch (though we only use 4 of them), one jTouch sensor (carriage bolt), 8 switches, one 12-button matrix, and one thumb-clicky-thingy (formerly the receiver switch on the phone.)

Below you will find pictures and recordings showing off The Growler in all its resplendence.

PLEASE NOTE: these recordings are for advanced listeners only!  Scientific study has shown that prolonged exposure to noise can lead to an unsettled constitution, nervousness, panic attacks, and even psychosis. (this isn’t a joke.) LISTEN ONLY IF YOU ARE SURE YOUR PSYCHE IS CAPABLE OF HANDLING EXCRUCIATING, LASER-LIKE WAVES OF NOISE!!!!

Here are the capable hands of Kane doing some last-minute soldering.

Kane Soldering the Growler 1

The completed Growler basking in the light of the overhead.

The Growler: glowing

The maiden voyage of The Growler in tantalizing digital audio!

The Growler 1

The Growler 2

The Growler looking retro hanging out on the wooden table.

The Growler looking 70's retro

Scacinto makes a pleasured monkey-face while giving the Growler a test run.

Scacinto plays a face-melting solo on the Growler

It sounds so good he can’t but laugh hysterically!

Scacinto bemused by the Growler's insouciance

Kane sets up for the maiden voyage of the Growler.

Kane setting up the Growler's first recording

Setting levels for the first recording.

Kane coaxing the sweet sounds

Kane working a pot

Working it!

Kane making some clicky nastiness

A sweet little overdubbed piece of Muco chamber music. Featuring two JankoTunes and a baritone Growler.  

Kane working the buttons on the Growler

Some cheezy effects to bring out the growls. Reverb, phase, granulation, EQ.

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4 Responses

  1. The Columnist says:

    Okay, I thought you were kidding about the Psyche?

    Should have taken you more seriously, as I “tuned in” BEFORE writing The Column tonight, and it DID make me nervous and unsettled. I think. Then again, The Column is about healthcare reform …

    Interesting stuff, guys.


    • scacinto says:

      We prefer the term “haunting” but “unsettled” will work. Think of us as attempting to keep your musico-brain from atrophying. We are guardians, if you will; the last line of defense between you and colorless compliance with bland, uninteresting wallpaper music! (not to be confused with Wallpaper Music as defined by Satie, which is of course brilliant.)

  2. Winnie says:

    Not big on animal testing…. but my animals said it all! Franklin (dog) was very curious ’til it subliminally told him to go to his spot and bury his head. Cricket’s (cat) ears danced along with radar precision, ’til he got bored and went to sleep in typical cat fashion.
    What a fun new toy you have.

  3. TC says:

    Finally those Euro-snobs up at Yale have come to appreciate the sounds of mainstream popular music. Viva El MuCo!

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