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Shake Rattle and Scacinto

Above is video from the April 11th concert at the YUAG.  Below is a low quality video shot from a slightly different angle.

Below is an audio recording of my live electronic improvisation EI4 from the Shake Rattle and Roll III concert.  The piece is about 8 minutes long and consists entirely of live mic input from my macbook pro and processing coded in SuperCollider (SC3).  The SC3 code is composed of Ndefs that perform pitch-shifting, feedback loops, etc.  The recording was made internally (not a recording from the room, which sounded terrible.)

Please listen with a good pair of headphones or monitors.  (Low-frequencies in use!)


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2 Responses

  1. Matt Sargent says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s great to hear this music again!

    Is there any chance you could send over the recording of the HSA set? Drop me an email. Great to meet you all.

    – Matt

    • scacinto says:

      hey Matt,

      same here, we had a great time; i really enjoyed the whole evening. I don’t actually have your set as it was a different file. Juraj should have your set though. I think he said he was going to post it somewhere, but things are busy with end of the semester, etc. let me know if you need his contact info. Cheers again!

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