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FNT III: Pics and Sound

Hey FNT fans, here are a few pictures and all of the recordings of everyone’s pieces from FNT III. Many thanks to all who attended and to all who made a piece. The tracks are even sweeter than I remember. Hopefully we will see you next month at FNT IV where Fritz Horstman will present some of his work!


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FNT III: The 68k Classic Clash

... it calls to you... ...do you hear your name?..

March 25th

  • Be the first on your block to write a song for the Macintosh Classic II!!!
  • Learn Super Studio Session!!!
  • Have your music performed in public!!!
  • Get your hands on a clicky single-button mouse!!!
  • Drink beer!!!
  • Bolster your geek cred!!!
  • The keyboard!!!  Whoa!!!

If you want all of the above I guarantee there is only one place to get it this coming Friday night! FNT III!!!! You don’t know how to write music? Ha! With Super Studio Session you don’t need to know anything about music to write a hit song! Simply click on some lines to insert an instrument and then click in notes at random! It’s easy! Also, it’s fun! Also, who cares?

Classic Computing!

This computer is 20 years old ladies and gentlemen! It is not going to last forever! Get your hands on it before its capacitors pop! Make your impression on the world before it’s too late!

FridayNightThing III:
Friday March 25th, 8pm
667 Whitney Ave #11
New Haven, CT 06511

So easy even Kane can do it!

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FridayNightThing II (2011)

Here are some pictures and a short video from FridayNightThing II (Feb. 25th.) A big thanks to Heather for taking all the pics and video, editing them together, and putting them online. As always, a big thanks to all who came, participated, and spectated. The next FridayNightThing will be on Friday March 25th. Get out your pots and pans and plan on joining us!

FridayNightThing – February 25, 2011 from hstryk on Vimeo.

Scott explains bleeps & bloops


Investigating Scott's Matrix Mixer

Anne & Carl go over each other's composition

Anne & Carl setting up

Carl & Anne talk after their performance

Carl & Anne's compositions


Carl experiments with the clangpot

Carl enjoys the clangpot

Simon treats us to some classical guitar

Simon, Scott & Anne

Simon and Scott

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Next Meeting Friday, January 18th

This post formally announces the next FridayNightThing. It is planned for January 18th around 8pm. The setting is tentatively planned for RIT, but that may change. As soon as plans are solidified I will post. Please plan to help with setup at 8pm if you can. Also, consider bringing a refreshment if you are so inclined.

I’d like the format for this session to be more inclusive, drawing more on live instrumental and vocal improvisation.  However, I would also like to throw out the idea of having a “mantra” or shared material which those participating in the live coding should incorporate (in some way) into their work.  This shared material could be as simple as a short sound sample, or of a more conceptual nature such as an idea or “feel”.  Let me know if you have ideas.

On a separate matter, I would like to hear from you if you are interested in possibly playing A) a gallery show, or B) Boulder Coffee Co. I’ve been putting out feelers with several locations and there seems to be positive receptivity. However, with something like a gallery show, we would probably want a little more “organization” than we typically have. Let me know what you think.



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Updates for November 16th

Hey all,

The concert this Friday has been moved from 9pm to 9:30 to avoid a conflict with a performance of a piece by Baljinder by the Rochester Phil.  We’re planning to run the Welk as a whole without pause or interruption if at all possible.  The following segments have been claimed at this time:

Melody in F

The Presidents Rag

The dancing Kids (from minute 33)

Please post here as soon as you have picked your chunk.  Thanks!

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Video Post from November 2nd Session

Here are a couple short vids from last Friday’s session. Both show Nick’s work and I believe were coded in Processing using the Ess external library to add audio-in support. Nick, would you like to add anything?

P.S. The video is poor quality – shot from the hip using a digital still-with-video camera. Somehow Saul’s Camera never made it out of the bag…

El secondo

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FridayNightThing = Success to all Geeks attending

Greetings Electronics geeks! Last Friday Night’s Thing went Fantaspasmodically – thanks to all who attended, esp. those who participated, Jesse, Nick, S-Dog, DJ Saul Goldman, and Matthew Barbour. We didn’t actually make it to any avant-gard films so those might be appended to the next meetings Welk-O-Rama. Here are some pics from the event with apologies to all involved! I cannot post audio to this site, so I’ll link to it later.







a 360! Note Matt hard at work on the couch!


As much as we’d love to sit around and reminisce about last Friday forever, we have another Friday Night Thing coming up soon! Right now, the Welk-O-Rama is set for the 16th. We’ll post a link to the video in a future post (a couple days.) For now, the info is as follows.

November 16th – 2007 9 pm ’till the next day.

More to come soon!

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