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Declaration of Purpose

This site serves several purposes, it is a blog-site for Scott Petersen (scacinto), his music and ideas, and for several organization/movements, FridayNightThing and El MuCo. Specifically, this site is maintained as a sort of repository for *useful* information regarding certain music and musical events in the greater New Haven area that might be of interest to musicians of an artistic (and yet electronic) bent. In addition to other purposes, this site is the point of communication for the FridayNightThing series of electronic improv and live coding events and for information about performances and meetings of El MuCo (New Haven Electronic Music Composers).

In the near future, this site will also, hopefully, be a repository for code, both pertaining to sound and video that is created and collected through the sessions and/or the experiments of those who participate.

This site is organized and maintained by Scott Petersen.

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INI new haven

Handmade instruments by Scott Petersen and Brian Kane at Artspace New Haven

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