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FNT III: Pics and Sound

Hey FNT fans, here are a few pictures and all of the recordings of everyone’s pieces from FNT III. Many thanks to all who attended and to all who made a piece. The tracks are even sweeter than I remember. Hopefully we will see you next month at FNT IV where Fritz Horstman will present some of his work!


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FNT III: The 68k Classic Clash

... it calls to you... ...do you hear your name?..

March 25th

  • Be the first on your block to write a song for the Macintosh Classic II!!!
  • Learn Super Studio Session!!!
  • Have your music performed in public!!!
  • Get your hands on a clicky single-button mouse!!!
  • Drink beer!!!
  • Bolster your geek cred!!!
  • The keyboard!!!  Whoa!!!

If you want all of the above I guarantee there is only one place to get it this coming Friday night! FNT III!!!! You don’t know how to write music? Ha! With Super Studio Session you don’t need to know anything about music to write a hit song! Simply click on some lines to insert an instrument and then click in notes at random! It’s easy! Also, it’s fun! Also, who cares?

Classic Computing!

This computer is 20 years old ladies and gentlemen! It is not going to last forever! Get your hands on it before its capacitors pop! Make your impression on the world before it’s too late!

FridayNightThing III:
Friday March 25th, 8pm
667 Whitney Ave #11
New Haven, CT 06511

So easy even Kane can do it!

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Music of the Macintosh Classic ][

I recently came into possession of a 1992 Mac Classic II personal computer. How is a matter of top security, but I assure you it was legal.

Over the course of several days, this machine went from DOA to fully functional computer music production facility. All despite lacking an ADB keyboard! That’s right, the sonic awesome you are about to hear was produced sans querty keyboard. Gotta love a computer you can control almost completely with a one-button mouse.

Without too much more delay, here are the “pieces.” All were recorded in the jankiest of fashion* due to the lack of a mini-to-mini TRS cable. The sounds were generated in Super Studio Session at 22kHz 8-bit mono and recorded to 22kHz 16-bit then transcoded to mp3 then whatever SoundCloud did to them.

The Schubert file was an example included with the “strings” instrument collection.The rest were “composed” by myself, Brian Kane, and Paul Coleman.

New NRT MuCo free jazz improvisation. Instruments: bongo, clarinet, organ, bari sax. Listening to it a number of times I can’t help but think that this is what Terry Riley would have done in the 60s if he had had a Mac Classic II, only several hours longer.

Entire 68k playlist! :D

Mac Classic II complete with ADB keyboard and mouse. Thanks Mark!

**It’s called two banana clips on a mini-to-1/4” TRS attached to another mini-to-1/4” TRS reversed. Yup. That’s how we role ;)

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