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Sparkfun Amplifier Kit (and Power Supply Solution)

Look at the size of that heat sink!

The Sparkfun STA540 amplifier kit is a cool, fun to put together amplifier kit that employs the STA540 amplifier chip at the core of the device.  The chip itself is a 4-channel AB amplifier chip that can be employed in a number of ways depending on the circuit configuration.  The kit is really easy to put together, not because of the included instructions, but because the components are actually labeled on the board.  This really is a foolproof kit and a great introduction for the new audio electronics enthusiast.  The sonic results of the kit are pretty impressive too.  It has a good bang for the buck at 38 watts per channel (2 ch) at 18 V and 4 Ω speakers, and has a low noise floor for an affordable ($30) DIY kit.  Additionally, and as evidenced by the picture above, it has a small form factor.  That is, despite the enormous heat sink.  Holy mackerel!  (Okay, the wide-angle lens distorts it juuuuuuust a little.)
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Xbee: Information and Resources

The XBee RF radio is certainly not new technology, but it remains a tried-and-true means of communicating with microcontrollers in DIY electronic projects.  For those of you unfamiliar with the XBee, it is an RF radio module that can be attached to a circuit via a breakout-board and used to communicate wirelessly with that circuit, or to send sensor data to another XBee (presumably attached to a computer.)  Working with XBees is not all crackers and cheese, however.  Those familiar with the XBee know it is a device of both promise and sorrow, a ‘veil of tears’ as Allan Schindler would say.   Read the rest of this entry »

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